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Корзина пуста

Neuron EA - based on a neural network

Hits: 230
Советник Neuron MT4
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Old price: 3 100.00 USD
Price: 0.00 USD
Terminal: MT4
Tested MT4: 1353
Type: Scalper
Timeframe: 1M
Currency pair: Any


Neuron forex trading robot has undergone rigorous testing, has been refined and improved and is now a real money maker. The Expert Advisor is suitable for both experienced and novice traders. Neural networks, a term borrowed from the field of artificial intelligence, are an innovation in forex trading.

neuron ea screen


  • Recommended minimum balance at least $100, cents are acceptable;
  • Currency pairs: XAUUSD (GOLD) only, Bitcoin, major currencies;
  • Timeframe: M1
  • Leverage 1:200 or higher;
  • ECN account with fast execution and low spreads;
  • For best performance, it is best to keep Expert Advisor always online, using a VPS or on a permanently connected computer of your own. Trade robots around the clock on a VPS (reliable and inexpensive ZOMRO).


  • No martingale, arbitrage, hedge or netting is used.
  • Uses pending orders (stop orders) rather than market orders.
  • Works on neural networks.
  • A small stop loss in each position.
  • Spread and slippage control.
  • Intelligent risk control module.

Account monitoring


What is a neural network

Neural networks are data analysis systems consisting of a large number of computational units linked together by weighted probabilities.

Simply put, neural networks are a model that approximates how the human brain functions and learns.

The neural network paradigm has been used for decades in the field of artificial intelligence to create computers that "think" and "learn" from their performance.


neuron ea settings


neuron ea conclusion

EA is described as having advanced self-learning artificial intelligence. Judging by the monitoring it works well, positive results on many currencies, works best on XAUUSD and GBPUSD. Only demo account is monitored, so be sure to test before using on a real account.

This trading robot uses a custom DLL (included in the archive). Some antiviruses may block it and mark it as a virus. You need to make the antivirus "allow it". This false alarm is triggered because it is a custom DLL and is not checked by any publisher, but is needed to unlock the EA.

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