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Trade Manager - Expert Advisor for One-Click Trading

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Советник Trade Manager MT4
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Price: 0.00 USD
Terminal: MT4
Tested MT4: 1353
Type: Assistant
Timeframe: Any
Currency pair: Any

The Trade Manager Forex Advisor is just what you need! Do you think placing orders in a market where prices can fluctuate in fractions of a second should be as simple as possible? When you open an order in Metatrader, you should first see a window where you can enter the opening price, stop loss and take profit, and the size of the trade.

Money management is very important when trading in the financial markets because it allows you to preserve and multiply your initial investment.

One-Click Trade Manager EA Review

So, when you are ready to place an order, what size trade should you open? How much of your entire deposit should you risk on this one trade? What is the profit potential of this investment and what is the risk/reward ratio?

Suppose you have a tool that does all this for you. You open a chart, analyze the market and mark with horizontal lines the entry point, the protection point (stop-loss) and the target (take-profit). Finally, you specify the degree of risk you are willing to take on this trade, for example, as a percentage of your available money, and the application provides:

  • with the specified level of risk and stop-loss, the permissible size of the transaction
  • Values for Stop Loss and Take Profit in points, pips and account currencies.
  • Ratio of risk to reward

Now all you have to do is open a trade by pressing the appropriate button on the panel.
If you are a scalper who needs to enter and close trades quickly without setting protections and targets, then the Forex Trade Manager Software MT4 l has everything you need to do so. You can create predefined order parameters and quickly open them by pressing the "Buy" or "Sell" button.
You can also close or delete orders directly from the Trade Manager MT4 panel, where you can end all pending orders with a single button, select a specific type of pending order or delete only profitable or losing trades.

Order manager

How to place a deal

market order v3 gif 2

With just one click you can place your trade orders!

You can place buy and sell orders at the touch of a button after setting the percentage risk per trade, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Take Profit and Stop Loss

move sl tp gif 1

To change the Take Profit or Stop Loss of your trade, all it takes is one click.

The Expert will constantly show you how much money you will earn if the trade makes a profit and how much money you will lose if the trade makes a loss.

It also shows the risk/reward ratio of the trade. As you move the take profit and stop loss, these ratios are automatically recalculated.

Notification and placement of limit order


Limit orders are easily and accurately placed using the Forex Trade Manager MT4 software.

First, you need to configure the parameters of entry, take-profit and stop-loss.

The limit is set with one click.

There is also a symbol that activates the Alert function. With just one click, you're all set. With the mouse you can easily move this alert.

Money Management

constant risk

This feature manages the risk for you!

First, set your risk per trade. The $ amount of risk will remain the same no matter how you change your limit order.

The Expert automatically recalculates the size of the trade, ensuring that you always risk the same amount of money.

This is a super simple method that allows you to risk the same amount of money on every trade, regardless of the value of the Stop Loss point.

Trade Management

Moving to Breakeven

Have a profitable trade and want to lock it so you don't risk anything? Then simply select BREAK EVEN from the drop-down menu.

secure SL to BE 2

Moving the stop loss to the reaction point

secure to RP

Move the Stop Loss order to the Reaction Point with one click (Reaction Point).
In my trading, I like to guarantee a profitable trade by moving the Stop Loss to the point where price reacted to support/resistance and changed in my direction. "Reaction Point" is the name given to this point.

Closing part of a position

Trade Manager Advisor MT4 makes it easy to close a portion of your position.
Just enter the amount you want to close and click CLOSE PARTLY!
This feature is especially useful in cases where speed is critical.

News protection

Limit orders protection

news protection aud gif

Protects your limit orders from price spikes caused by macroeconomic news.

This one-of-a-kind tool analyzes the macroeconomic news calendar and removes limit orders just minutes before the announcement.

Automatically restores limit orders after macroeconomic news!

That way, you can place your limit orders without fear that they will be canceled due to sudden news-related growth.


trade manager settings


trade manager conclusion

There are many similar tools for convenient one-click trading, but Trade Manager stands out among them with a convenient control panel, which is conveniently located on the left side. Functionality, it is easy to open and close trades in one click. Speed is especially important for scalpers. And the unique feature of order protection before news releases.

Download free of charge and enjoy.

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