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Корзина пуста

White Night Expert Advisor - balanced night scalper

Hits: 208
Робот Форекс White Night MT4
zoom Zoom image
Old price: 299.00 USD
Price: 10.00 USD
Terminal: MT4
Tested MT4: 1353
Type: Scalper
Timeframe: 5M
Currency pair: Others, EUR/USD, GBP/USD

General Information

white night ea screen

White Night is a professional Expert Advisor that uses a unique approach to scalping.

Every time we test or optimize, we are forced to choose between the profit factor, drawdown, profit, recovery factor, and other factors. Sometimes we choose a robot that opens very few trades and earns miserable profits or even losses on a long interval. Sometimes there are trading experts who trade very frequently, which can lead to a lot of losing trades and threaten to lose all the money on the balance. Having accumulated all our knowledge and experience in the Forex market, we are ready to offer an Expert Advisor that is balanced in this respect.


  • The recommended minimum balance not less than $100, you can cent;
  • Currency pairs: the code of the robot includes 12 pairs USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURUSD, EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPUSD, CHFJPY, AUDCAD, AUDUSD;
  • Timeframe: M5;
  • Leverage 1:200 or higher;
  • ECN account with fast execution and low spreads;
  • For best performance, you need to keep the Expert Advisor online all the time using a VPS or on a permanently connected computer of your own. Trade robots 24/5 on a VPS (the reliable and inexpensive ZOMRO).


  • The White Night robot is also unique in its design due to the combination of price action, the original indicator and the unique position tracking.
  • Was successfully tested on a number of brokers and is now ready for the real challenges of the Forex market!
  • Pending orders are used, which significantly reduces slippage.
  • Most profitable trades are made on the basis of analysis of the full history.
  • Усредняющие ордера, мартингейл и другие рискованные торговые тактики не используются в Форекс скальпере.
  • No sit out losses for a long time. Within 3-5 hours all trades will be closed.
  • Each trade is accompanied by a stop-loss and take-profit, as well as by a limit on the duration of the trade. The volatility of each currency pair is analyzed using the built-in volatility filter.
  • News filters are not used by the Expert Advisor.



white night ea settings

All the settings needed for the most understandable and easy optimization are available in just 5 points of parameters, which can dramatically change the style of the advisor, and fine-tuning the risk will make trading more relaxed.

  • Magic - you can set any number for all pairs, as long as this number does not coincide with the magic number of other experts.
  • GMT - it is necessary to specify the broker's winter time.
  • Lot type - if fixed is selected, the Expert Advisor will work with a fixed lot. If Auto is selected, the Expert Advisor will calculate the lot based on your balance.
  • Lot Calculation-Balance/Equity - if fixed is selected, the Expert Advisor will work with a fixed lot. If Auto is selected, the Expert Advisor will calculate the lot based on your balance.
  • Lot fix / Lot per balance/equity - if the lot is fixed, specify a fixed volume. If Auto lot is selected, specify the lot for automatic calculation.
  • Amount of balance/equity to increase the lot — if the lot is Auto, specify the lot increase step.
  • Maximum number of open orders - the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders for all currency pairs.
  • Max loss as % of the balance (0 - do not use) - the maximum drawdown for the night. Specify in %.
  • Maximum equity drawdown in % of the balance (0 - do not use) - the maximum allowed current drawdown for opening new orders.


Trade Monitoring

white night ea monitoring 2

white night ea monitoring


white night ea conclusion

White Night is one of the few profitable night scalpers. Balanced, closes trades with a small profit and if it goes into deficit, it closes the deal with a small stop loss. Does not require intervention in the settings, profitable with default parameters.

This trading robot uses a custom DLL "msimg32.dll v1.0.0.3-674F”. Download it here https://fxmlab.com/biblioteki-dll-mt4/. Some anti-viruses may block it and mark it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus “allow it”. This false alarm is triggered because it is a custom DLL and is not checked by any publisher, but is needed to unblock EA.

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