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How to get a free VPS server for Forex

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Many traders, following the movements of Forex prices on their home computer, often wonder how they can make their computer work around the clock. This is especially true for those traders who prefer to trade using Forex Expert Advisors. Such traders, by the way, according to the statistics, are 50% of all traders. But not only they need a permanent access, those who prefer to trade on the Forex trading system also need a permanent remote access to their trading terminal.

These are mainly traders who prefer short-term or intraday strategies. Keeping your home computer on all the time is almost impossible. A power outage, internet outage, children, pets can disable the computer. Disconnection of the work terminal leads to the disconnection of the work trading Expert Advisor, which violates the logic of its operation and can lead to the loss of the account. If you trade manually without a stop-loss, you can catch a very unpleasant "loss". How to avoid such unpleasant situations? The answer: using virtual VPS server Windows Server. Wherever you are, if you have access to the Internet, just connect and check working terminals and trading robots. You will be able to access the terminal from your laptop, tablet or computer at work. You can check the work of trading advisors or open-close orders manually.

 How do I get a VPS server for Forex?

First option

  • Buy not expensive reliable VPS Windows Server for round-the-clock trading according to your needs and tariff plan;
  • This will be your server, you can install, any terminals of any broker;

  • No additional conditions;

  • Pay from $3/month

Second option

  • Get VPS for free rom the best broker for trading Expert Advisors Roboforex;

RoboForex provides clients with a free "VPS-server".


The remote VPS-server is designed primarily for customers who use trading robots and for whom the speed of access to trading servers and the ability to trade around the clock are important features.

 The terms of service free "VPS-server":

  • The service is free, but only available when the Equity level on the trading account is more than 300 USD or its equivalent in another currency. 

  • The service is available to customers who have been verified in Personal Cabinet.

  • Access is provided only to the trading servers and websites of the company, all other Internet resources will be unavailable. However, you have an opportunity to download and install the necessary software on the VPS-server yourself.

  • The Client gets full access to the VPS-server through the Administrator password provided to him. Further, all responsibility for the results of work with the VPS-server rests on the Client.

  • If within 3 working days the condition on the limit of funds on the account (point 1) is not met, the company reserves the right to refuse to provide the service "VPS-server". 

To get access to a remote VPS-server with the trading terminal installed on it, you need to leave an application in myAlpari in the section  "Your VPS 2.0 server", after which you will be given the IP-address of the VPS-server, login (username) and password. During the connection to the VPS-server these data will need to be entered in the appropriate fields for identification.

To configure access and protect the VPS server from hacking follow  the instruction

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