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How to connect VPS

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How to make the trading advisor continue to work, if I close the terminal Metatrader 4? How to make the MT4 Expert Advisor work when the computer is turned off?

Answer: forex advisors work as long as the Metatrader 4 terminal is running. But it is possible to make them work even when the computer is turned off. For this you need a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Immediately questions arise: Where do I plug it in? How do I work with it? And what VPS service is better?

Choosing VPS service

On the Internet you can find many offers for rental VPS or VDS (VDS is a dedicated server, not virtual. That is why its rental price is high). If you type in any search engine word "VPS" you can find many offers and choose the most suitable. We recommend a reliable, powerful and at the same time inexpensive VPS with an operating system Windows order from Zomro. The price-quality ratio is unlikely to find better, at least we have not found. If you choose a tariff on other sites (you can, of course, and the cheapest, but necessarily with the installed operating system Windows, as Metatrader 4 runs only on Windows).

After purchasing VPS-server you get the following data on the mail or these data you can find in your personal cabinet:

  • IP address of your VPS
  • VPS administrator login and password
  • Control panel address
  • Panel administrator login and password

How to register:

1. To begin with on the pageselect the rate at the bottom of the page. We recommend to choose for 5.9$ for stable work to avoid terminals freezing and advisors crashes

 Тарифы VPS/VDS Zomro

Zomro VPS/VDS Windows tariffs

Zomro registration link

2. Specify all necessary data and agree to the Terms of Service.

Register for Zomro

Filling out the data

3. Go to the payment page and pay in a convenient way

Now in my Personal cabinet, by clicking on the link Virtual Servers, you can see the data for access and configuration of the remote desktop.

Вирткальные серверы Zomro

 Ваш IP Zomro

Data for VPS access

Now you have the data, but what do next?

How to set up your VPS and work with it

First, connect to the VPS. To do this, run the program on your PC «Connecting to a remote desktop»

Подключение к удаленному рабочему столу

Enter IP address

Enter your login and password

Came to the desktop of the remote computer (our VPS)

Remote Desktop

In principle, the upcoming work is no different from working with your home PC.

Security for your VPS

Hackers are well aware of this remote desktop technology, but who wants to give their own EA and access to a MetaTrader account? We also pay. So we will not give our own virtual server to anyone. Not counting there are viruses, but our VPS resources are severely limited. There is no good antivirus.

How hackers can attack:

  1. With programs that search for open normal ports by default
  2. Hackers use the common username "Administrator"
  3. Ordinary simple passwords are picked by the program
  4. Viruses that find holes in the operating system
  5. Viruses that act on the user's curiosity (let him see something, etc.)

Protect VPS from hacking

  1. Do not install any programs (any, not counting the Metatrader 4 terminal).
  2. Don't read email on VPS;
  3. Don't open sites on VPS.
  4. The operating system is good at updating itself, If it prompts you to install updates, install them.

This is enough to protect yourself from viruses. And you don't need antivirus now!

Now let's do Protect VPS from hackers. The password must be more complicated (more than 8 characters, preferably even longer) consisting of large and small letters and numbers (for example: P36UqCmXvP9yN). The user's name must be changed to a non-standard one (for example: Sasha458). Change the standard port to an arbitrary one (for example: 4567)

After these actions, hackers will not know of your existence, but if they find out by some miracle, they will not be able to pick up the username and password.

Set up a firewall (in Windows they call it a "firewall"). Although they say that it is not very reliable, the real question is how to configure it correctly. So, open "control panel":

Find "Firewall" and start it:


Check that it is on:


Go to the "Exceptions" tab and click "Add Port"

Add Port

Enter any port number you like. The recommendation is simple. Enter any number from 0 to 65535. For example, enter 79856 and press "OK".

The port is there. Now configure the terminal service to wait for a connection on our non-standard port. To do this we need to run the registry editor (ATTENTION! Editing the registry can cause your Windows operating system to not work):

type regedit

Press the "OK" button and the Registry Editor window will open in front of you:

Find the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp and change the PortNumber parameter from the standard 3389 to our 79856.

After that you should reboot VPS (Start-Start-Complete-Reboot). After the restart, connect to it through a new port:

If after rebooting you can not connect to the VPS, then you have made a mistake somewhere. Most likely, the open port number in the firewall and the port number in the registry editor do not match. Do not worry. Just contact VPS support and ask them to disable the firewall. If it was possible to connect, then everything is done correctly and you can continue. Disable the firewall standard port for remote access by unchecking the "Remote Desktop Control":

Now change your username and password so that they are not known to anyone but you. Start Computer Management (Right-click on the "My Computer" label):

Right-click on the administrator account:

Administrator account

Select "Rename" and enter a new name

After changing the username, change the password for it as well. To do this, right-click again and select "Set Password":

Changing the password of the Administrator of the account

A warning will appear:

Click continue and enter a new password. It is recommended to enter more than 8 characters. There should be capital and small letters and numbers.

After rebooting the VPS, you can install MetaTrader on it and run your Expert Advisor. When everything is set up, simply close the window with a cross. A message will appear:

Click "OK". The window will close and the Expert Advisor will continue to work on our VPS.

We can download Metatrader 4 terminal from Forex Brokers.

But this raises the following question: How to move an EA from a computer to a VPS?

Simply copy it from your computer to your VPS. To do this, when starting the "Remote Desktop Connection" click the "Options" button and in the "Local Resources" tab check the "disk devices" checkbox. After connecting the configured connection this way, your local computer drives will appear in  Explorer, and now you can copy anything you want.

Local Resources tab

Now your VPS-server is configured, protected and optimized for stable and efficient work!

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