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Indicator Forex Trader 4 MF Hunter

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Trader 4 MF Hunter indicator is a good trading tool for trading in the Forex market. It is easy to use for novice Forex traders. You can trade in different ways: by pending orders on designated buy and sell zones or by signals.


  • Platform: MetaTrader4;
  • Trading pairs: any;
  • Timeframe: any;
  • Trading time: any;
  • It is recommended to use ECN brokers with low spreads.

Conditions for Buy

trade 4 mf hunter buy

Once the basic buy zone is formed (shown in blue on the chart), we place a pending BUY order 50 pips higher. Stop-loss is 50 points below the minimum line.

Conditions for Sell

trade 4 mf hunter sell

After the formation of the basic selling zone (marked in red on the chart), we place a pending SELL order 50 points below the lower level. Stop loss 50 points above the line maximum.

Take Profit

Close the deal with a profit when the opposite signal appears.

You can also, as an option, use a fixed take profit ratio of 1:2, or better still, to have a mathematical advantage.

Some tips

  1. Use smart money management.
  2. Do not trade within the range of the market.
  3. Also, don't trade during news periods with high volatility.


trade 4 mf hunter conclusion

Trader 4 MF Hunter indicator has one big disadvantage - it rewrites the values if the market went in the opposite direction from the signal. But there is a big plus - a fairly high percentage of accurate entries. If you trade by the signal (arrows), then you must have a good trend indicator.

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MF Hunter-Indicator Version:2.2

Скачать трендовый индикатор Trader MF Hunter для MT4. Date
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