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Earnings on forex without investment or how to start from zero

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There is a crisis outside, which, unfortunately, will not end soon. For many people now it is relevant to search for additional income, including on the Internet. So it was decided to prepare a useful material on this topic. Anyone can get a steady source of income, if they really want to and try.

This article is about how to earn on Forex without investing money, practically from scratch, where to take the starting capital for trading on a real account, of course, not for the purpose of simple trading, but to really earn - this is relevant to traders.

Most beginners believe that it requires a substantial investment of their own money to start and trade in the foreign exchange market, so they avoid a great opportunity to make money. Some believe that this is just a way for big players to embezzle money of smaller ones or a waste of time and nerves. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. As for us, we still think Forex is a great way to make real money. Simply, it is necessary to approach wisely and not to be greedy.

Among our and your acquaintances there are those who have been successfully trading on Forex market for several years without any investments from scratch, without spending a penny of personal funds. True, they have not earned a million dollars either, but they have a good additional income and they are still in search of the perfect trading strategies. And a stable income, according to them, provides trading advisors, some of which we have on our website.

Of course, most market participants lose their deposits, and you would not like to be among them. The act of transferring a substantial portion of your salary or stash to a broker's trading account when you know next to nothing about the principles of making money in the foreign exchange market can hardly be called rational. It is not rational to spend your money on something you do not know anything about.

Two questions then arise:

  1. Where do you get your initial capital?
  2. How to start trading without your own investment?

There are many options, but the ones described here are only proven in practice. Many people use them to this day, and from this article you will learn about the most successful methods of making money on forex without any investment.

 Affiliate programs Forex brokers

Партнерки брокеров

This way is perfect for owners of their own website or forum, the theme of which is devoted to finance or trading. Those who do not have their own web resource can also earn by placing referral links of forex brokers on forums, blogs and other sites, where it is possible. Your task will be to advertise a Forex broker in order to attract new audience, which will register and trade on their real accounts.
On the volume of closed trades of each attracted client, the broker will charge a monetary reward, and you do not have to deal directly in trading. The advantage of this method is that you earn income, regardless of the profitability-loss of the closed transactions. You simply increase your earnings by attracting new traders and increasing the total volume of closed orders.

In order to earn money with no investment at the broker, you have to become his partner by registering and get a referral link, which should be placed on the web resource. We advise you to get acquainted with affiliate programs of different brokers and choose the most profitable for you.

We advise proven brokers with the most favorable conditions of the affiliate program:
  • Roboforex. Affiliate programs up to 5 levels. Remuneration up to 40% of the spread.

Learn about the affiliate program and register

  • Instaforex. You will receive an affiliate commission of 1.5 - 5.3 pips from each transaction of your referred clients.

Learn about the affiliate program and register

It is also possible to attract traders to sign up for rebate services

We recommend the proven FxCash.

Your reward is 10% of the portion of the rebate that your referred trader will receive. This is less than the brokers mentioned above, but the service offers great conditions: registration at more than 30 brokers and up to 90% of the spread. Many withdrawal options. Payouts are very fast. Payment to Webmoney, for example, takes a couple of minutes.

Many traders will like these conditions and will be very happy to sign up using your link.

RoboForex is ready to give a $30 bonus at the moment
Get Bonus.

 How to attract referrals

Your task will be to post a link both on your website and in various forums dedicated to the topic of finance. Each transition that ends in a registration can potentially bring you good money. The more new users you refer, the higher your earnings can be.

According to the button below you can download the detailed instructions on how to get referrals by pointing out the referral sources.

Способы привлечения рефералов

Полное описание самый эффективных способов привлечения рефералов. Также список ресурсов.
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 No Deposit Bonus Accounts

Instaforex Bonus

Most brokers offer verified clients no deposit bonuses that can be used for trading. These bonuses can be between $10 and $300 on average, depending on the broker you choose.

To get the no deposit bonus from Forex broker you will need:
complete a simple registration procedure with details such as:
Name, country, residence address, e-mail, landline or mobile number. Then you will need to verify your account by sending through the cabinet or e-mail Scan of your passport and proof of address (utility bill with your data).

There are some disadvantages to bonus accounts:

  1. Each client receives such a bonus only once.
  2. Not all brokerage companies offer a bonus to new clients.
  3. Verification in some cases takes quite a long time.
  4. Working off the bonus can be quite tricky.
  5. The amount of bonus funds has a fixed amount.

One acquaintance at the very beginning of the formation was able to increase his first bonus account by $83. And this despite the fact that all his actions were carried out almost blindly. Just luck! Then there were also drains of the bonus account, but sometimes it was possible to unwind the account. The best result was a profit of $132.

Lately, the working conditions for bonuses are getting worse and worse, so it's getting more and more difficult to make and withdraw profits on their basis. For some brokers to withdraw the bonus itself and the money received on top you have to make trades for more than 100 lots, and it's not that easy to do.

Whatever it is, making money on Forex using bonus accounts is realistic and it's good enough for practice. It's better than demo accounts. After all, there will be more responsibility and drive.

And by the way, it's currently possible to get Roboforex bonus of $30, and InstaForex bonus of $1,000 and more. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to these companies, if you have decided to try trading without investing your own capital.

Instaforex no deposit bonus. Get from $1000 right now. Click the button, don't miss your chance.

Read more about the action.

Получить бонус

 Prizes for successful trading on demo accounts

Contest on a demo account

Most brokers offer beginners to get the hang of the market without spending any of their own money. Demo accounts were invented for this purpose. Some companies hold contests for traders on such accounts.

The essence of such contests is simple, and brokers in this way seek to increase the number of their users. The trader opens a demo account and starts trading. As a result, the participants with the best indicators are selected, and they are paid real money as a prize.

Different brokers set different conditions for such contests. They can last from several hours to a year, respectively, the size of the winnings are also different. But usually participation in such a contest can promise a good winnings.

Such a way to make money on forex from scratch also has its disadvantages. One of the most important is that there are usually too many traders willing to participate. Therefore, your chances of winning are considerably reduced. The following paradox turns out: only experienced traders who can successfully apply their trading skills have really high chances to win in such contests. But for such participants it is much more profitable just to continue trading on forex on a real account than to waste time on such contests. And another significant disadvantage is the possibility of losing the money you win. Let's say you managed to win some of the prize fund, and you got that money in your account. But often such money is not available for withdrawal. On them it is necessary to carry out trading on the market. For example, to make a turnover of a total volume of 500 lots in a month. As a result, you can lose all the money you won.


Заработок на форекс

From what has been written we can conclude that work in the forex market without the cost of personal funds is quite real. The experience of many people and ours personally, who use these methods, is the proof of it. First of all, you can provide yourself with a good additional real income by participating in affiliate programs of brokerage companies and rebate services. If you have time, you can also take part in contests and trade on no deposit bonuses.

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