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The best rebate service Forex. Spread rebates up to 90%

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What is rebate

Rebate is a discount. In Forex it is a return of a part of spread or other commission, which trader paid to broker. At first glance, the amount of rebate seems very small to pay attention to it when choosing a broker. But in fact, the sums paid during a month can exceed all profits of a trader, as rebates are charged both from profitable and unprofitable trades. It is possible to trade zero for a month and still get good payouts from spread rebates. It all depends on the volume of lots and number of trades executed.

How it Works

Usually a broker who pays rebates has a flexible rebate system. The more trades and the higher volume of trades - the more commissions he receives and the more trader gets paid as a partial spread rebate.
We work with RoboForex. According to the conditions of the program, "Rebates" is calculated on the basis of a monthly turnover of closed trades. The size of the payment depends on the trade turnover made during the month and is calculated at the following rates:

Рибейт Roboforex

RoboForex Rebate


Example 1: You have a standard account that has performed a turnover of 230 lots (USD currency) in a month - the amount of Rebate credited to your account will be 230 lots * $1 = 230 USD.

Example 2: On a cent account in USD you performed a total turnover of 5000 cent lots (50 standard lots) in a month. In this case your Rebate will be (5000 cent lots) * (0.5 cent USD) = 2500 cent USD or $25.

To calculate what reward you will get for the return of part of spread, trading with Instaforex, use the special online rebate calculator. The results may be pleasantly surprising.

And it makes no difference how trades were closed: with a profit, with a loss, or at zero.

How to get more?

Every broker has an affiliate program for attracting clients. He pays his partners a commission. Partners, in turn, promise their rebate in order to attract clients. Companies that work according to this principle are usually called REBATE SERVICES.

ATTENTION: You can receive rebate payments from both the broker and the rebate service at the same time.


You trade GBP/USD on a PRO account. You close 40 lots per week. In a month 160.
Ribeit from RoboForex will be 1*160=160 USD per month.
From FXCash rebate will be 160*4.8 = 768 USD.
The total will be 928 USD. Not bad, don't you think!
To put it another way: for every lot you close, you get $1 plus $4.8 from FXCash. That's almost $6 in total.
Another example: If you trade with Instaforex (they have the biggest spread return) and your average turnover per month is 30 standard lots. Just register in InstaRebate service, you will get about $450 monthly just for the fact of trading with this broker. This is not a small amount, don't you agree?

Payment per trade Forex 30+ brokers

Рибейт сервис Форекс FXCash

Introducing the trader's tool for refunding part of the spread - FxCash. One of the best rebate services in Forex, providing instant rebates up to 90% of the spread (rebate) to more than 50 most reliable and trusted brokers with global names.

FxCash is the first spread refund service in the history of rebate-industry (the company was founded in 2009). For many years of impeccable work the service has evolved into a fast, reliable and ultra-precise trader's tool.

This forex rebate service helps you make money on forex for free in just a few seconds: automated accruals and high-speed payouts 24 hours a day via the most popular payment systems.

Ribate service FxCash offers an independent live rating of Forex brokers: allows you to choose a broker with 100% integrity, excellent order execution and stability of payments.

How to earn in Forex without investing anything? Accruals in Fxcash are made as a return of the currency spread, which is shared with FXCash by partner brokers. You can easily earn over $35 on every closed lot! No Risk. All calculations are transparent and instantaneous.

Why traders choose FxCash?


  • calculation accuracy
  • detailed statistics of spread returns
  • professional technical support


  • Independent live broker rating
  • the highest rates in the rebate industry
  • care for every customer
  • cash security
  • work only with proven


  • instant accruals
  • instant payments


  • has been working successfully since 2009
  • payment guarantee
  • always on the client side


How does the FXCASH rebate service work?

FXCash forex rebate service

FXCash gets its commissions from RoboForex for us as an attracted client. Ribate services attract a large number of clients and get big commissions under the "Pro" program.

Please note that opening these accounts is only available if your trading account is attached to an affiliate group FxCash.

How to sign up and get money from FXCASH rebate service?


1Register on the website FXCash

It is better to register WebMoney (or any other suitable) purse in advance. When registering, you will enter payment details to which rebates will be paid. (There is also a possibility to transfer to Visa and MasterCard) Webmoney - the most convenient and fastest option.

2You choose a broker from the list on the website (there are more than 30). If you already have an account with this broker, you will need to open a new one through FXCash

Instructions for reopening a ROBOFOREX account

To start getting extra profit from Roboforex through FXCash, you need to do the following:
  1. Go to FXCash.
  2. Go to Roboforex broker website from the FXCash website by clicking on the button "Open Account".
  3. Open a new account in your personal RoboForex cabinet by entering the ID code – nov.
  4. Add the number of opened new account in your Personal Area of the rebate service.
  5. Once the new account is confirmed on the FXCAsh website, you can use the free internal transfer system at the Roboforex broker website to transfer funds from the old account to the new one.

After these actions, you will immediately receive extra income for just trading!


3You open an account with a broker by clicking on the affiliate link FXCash.

4Register an account on the FXCash website.

After opening an account with a Forex broker via Fxcash cabinet, don't forget to enter your account number in the Trading Accounts section of your Fxcash Client Cabinet.


 How much can I get from each transaction?

Accurate and current information can be found on our forum, in the "Brokers and dealing centers" section.

 Where can I see the rates?

The current rates and conditions for each of the presented dealing centers can be seen in the "Brokers" section of the site, as well as on the forum of the service.

 Is it possible to register an existing account with one of the companies on your site?

Each company has its own rules. But for the most part, they are not very positive about this practice. We would still advise you to open a new account and simply transfer your balance from the old account to it. At present, the transfer is possible in few dealing centers. Up-to-date information on this topic can always be found in your control panel.

 Can I receive payments from multiple accounts registered with different companies?

Absolutely, but if these companies are mentioned on the pages of the site (and FXCash works with more than 30 brokers), and you are registered with them as a client of FXCash.

 When are earnings accrued?

For brokerage companies (brokers) that are part of the instant deposit system, payments are made in real time. Funds are credited to the client's account in FxCash, and are available for withdrawal through a withdrawal request. - For all other brokerage companies - from the 1st to the 7th day of the calendar month following the reporting month.

 What are the payment options?

Possible options for paying out funds change regularly, and new options are added depending on the needs and wishes of clients. At the moment it is possible to request a withdrawal to Webmoney, Yandex Money, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Payeer, OKPay, Epayments, as well as to a bank account via SWIFT/IBAN transfer.

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