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Корзина пуста

Trading strategies, forex systems

We offer you the best Forex trading systems and strategies for intraday trading, long-term trading, as well as for pipsing and scalping. In this category you can download both simple strategies for beginners and more complicated professional ones.

Before publication, all are checked on the ratio of profit and loss, if there is a positive indicator, that is, the strategy or system is profitable in the long term, only then we publish.

A detailed description is accompanied by photos and video examples of opening and closing positions. At the end of the description you can download a ready template for MT4.

Trend Reversal Point is a trend reversal trading system that can be used on all timeframes and as day trading. The system is based on the Profit 99 indicator, which looks for extreme areas of the market as a reversal. Therefore, this indicator is in the system, making it easier to find only the best signals. The way signals are filtered consists of TMAs and support and resistance zones.

Max Speed is a no-override trending system that gives easy to use buy/sell signals. The system comes with an ON-SCREEN dashboard that reports buy/sell points, ADR, spread and other useful information.

London Rush Forex strategy is special for the British session. Several special indicators give clear buy or sell signals on all charts.

Some Forex users are also looking for indicators for a London Open breakout strategy for trading pairs with GBP, but here we share everything that will help you make money in the trending market.

Wise Trader is a brand new trading system designed to catch major and secondary trends. It is very easy to use even for beginner traders. It has a customizable alerts feature that will keep you up-to-date with every new trading opportunity. You will not have to worry about opening and closing a trade as it will show you entry and exit with pinpoint accuracy!

In this article we will look at the new scalping strategy New Features of Forex Trading (NFOFT). This strategy is very popular and is discussed on many popular blogs and forums. Its rules are clear and without double digits. It was sold for money, but you can download it for free.