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Max Speed trading system for maximum profits on small and large trends

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Max Speed is a no-override trending system that gives easy to use buy/sell signals. The system comes with an ON-SCREEN dashboard that reports buy/sell points, ADR, spread and other useful information.


  • Platform: MetaTrader4;
  • Currency pairs: any;
  • Timeframe: M30-H1;
  • Trading time: round the clock;
  • We recommend using ECN brokers with low spreads.


max speed screen

The Max Speed trading algorithm is designed to maximise profits from small and large trends. The developers claim that it can make surprisingly accurate market forecasts by constantly automatically analysing every price movement and trading pattern, and by using sophisticated trading algorithms based on the vast experience of the development team.

It picks up very fast and profitable price movements and gives clear buy/sell points. Each trading signal is very carefully checked by the system to ensure that only successful trades are made.

You can set up Max Speed to be sent via email, mobile notification or platform pop-ups. This is very convenient, as you don't have to look at the charts all day waiting for opportunities to appear, and you can follow several charts at the same time.

How to use

The system signals are easy to read. You need the same colour on the entry point and the bottom indicator. There are two different types of entries (strong and moderate). Strong signals usually appear when the trend is fresh and the market is strong. Moderate signals appear later when the market is still trending but momentum is declining.

Buy signal

max speed buy

  1. White dot on the graph.
  2. Confirmation is a white lower trend indicator (strong signal). If grey - moderate.

Sell signal

max speed sell

Sales signals work in much the same way, only the colours are reversed.

  1. Red dot on the graph.
  2. Red confirmation of the lower trend indicator. (strong signal). If purple, moderate.

Additional confirmation

The system also contains a CS dashboard. It provides easy-to-read information on the strength of a particular currency.

max speed currency strength

Take profit and stop loss

The stop loss should be placed below the local low (for buy trades) and the last high of the swing (for sell trades).

  1. Take Profit 1 equals Stop Loss (in pips).
  2. Take Profit 2 is equal to twice the value of the stop loss point.

max speed tp sl

You can also use your own I/O methods, for example:

  • round numbers
  • support and resistance
  • demand/supply levels


max speed eurusd m15

Max Speed trend trading forex system gives signals that can be taken as is, or you can add your own additional chart analysis to further filter the entries, which is recommended. On higher timeframes there will be less trading opportunities, but more profits. On lower timeframes there will be more signals and less take profit. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, it can be helpful to practice trading in a demo MT4 account until you become consistent and confident enough to move to live trading.

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Max Speed

Download Max Speed trend trading system for MT4.

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