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Trending Forex system for swing traders Pro-Trade

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Pro-Trade 3.0 is a professional trading strategy that allows you to detect various features, patterns, range, take profit, entry signal and stop loss, as well as features not visible to the naked eye in the price movement. Based on this information, traders are able to surmise further price movements and adjust their strategy accordingly.


  • Platform: MetaTrader4;
  • Traded pairs: any;
  • Timeframe: M30, H1, H4, D1;
  • Trading time: any;
  • It is recommended to use ECN brokers with low spreads.

Pro-Trade 3.0 is a trading system suitable for swing traders. It's a trend following system. Therefore, you should only trade in the direction of the main trend and never try to trade against the current trend.

The Pro-Trade 3.0 system is very flexible and can be used to trade any currency pair. If you follow its rules strictly, you can get results with 90% accuracy. It allows you to set stop-loss and take-profit levels in order to maintain a risk/reward ratio. You'll always win in the long run.

After installation into the MetaTrader platform, the chart should look like this:


Side market trading is also suitable for using Pro-Trade 3.0. You can also use it on a trending market. M30 and H1 or higher timeframes are suitable for trading. Sometimes trading with this system can be confusing, especially in a choppy market. It is important that you deeply analyze and get used to it first before you trade with real money.

Conditions for Buy


Conditions for Sell

sell EURUSDM15

Pro-Trade 3.0 in action. GPB/USD M30 chart looks like this

action with GBPUSDM30

If you are serious about your money and want to become a professional trader, then we strongly recommend using this trading strategy.

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Pro-Trader Version:3.0

Скачать бесплатно систему Форекс для свинг-трейдинга Pro-Trder МТ4.
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