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Trend Reversal Point Strategy

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Trend Reversal Point is a trend reversal trading system that can be used on all timeframes and as day trading. The system is based on the Profit 99 indicator, which looks for extreme areas of the market as a reversal. Therefore, this indicator is in the system, making it easier to find only the best signals. The way signals are filtered consists of TMAs and support and resistance zones.


  • Platform: MetaTrader4;
  • Currency pairs: any, indices and gold;
  • Timeframe: M5;
  • Trading time: round the clock;
  • It is recommended to use ECN brokers with low spreads.

It is claimed to be a system with winning trades 95% of the time. It shows tops and bottoms that do not redraw after the last candle closes.

trend reversal point screen

Strategy indicators

  • Profit 99;
  • TMA band (1.8, 100 periods);
  • Supply and Demand Zone;
  • Symbol and Changer;

Trend Reversal Point trading rules


trend reversal point buy

  1. Price touches or exits lower TMA band.
  2. Price is hitting the support zone (recommended).
  3. Profit 99 indicator buy point.


trend reversal point sell

  1. Price touches or exits the upper TMA band.
  2. Price hitting resistance zone (recommended).
  3. Selling point of Profit 99 indicator.

Exiting a position

Place an initial stop loss below the high/low of the previous swing or below/above the support/resistance zone.

Set profits on the middle band or the opposite TMA band.

trend reversal point profit



To make trading on the strategy easier and to automate trading on its signals, an Expert Advisor is included. You can optimise it for different currency pairs and timeframes and find the best trading parameters.

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Trend Reversal Point

Download Forex trading strategy Trend Reversal Point + Bonus Expert Advisor for MT4.

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