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Wise Trader - non repaint trend trading system

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Wise Trader is a brand new trading system designed to catch major and secondary trends. It is very easy to use even for beginner traders. It has a customizable alerts feature that will keep you up-to-date with every new trading opportunity. You will not have to worry about opening and closing a trade as it will show you entry and exit with pinpoint accuracy!


  • Platform: MetaTrader5;
  • Currency pairs: Any;
  • Timeframe: Any;
  • Trading time: round the clock;
  • It is recommended to use ECN brokers with low spreads.
Highly accurate signals No redrawing
Designed for all types of traders. It provides a user-friendly interface for beginners. Thanks to intelligent risk management you will be able to limit your losses and increase your profits. Wise Trader is not redrawn. Neither in real time, nor in any other conditions. 100% Plug and Play, easy installation in 2 minutes.

Trading signals

The trading system is very easy to use. It provides signals that are double filtered by indicators.

Combine the two elements to get better and more accurate signals! For full confirmation the colors of the two indicators must match.

Signal example - Buy

When you get a buy signal on the chart, check the trend filter below. It should have the same color as the signal (Buy Blue).

You can use the opposite signal on the chart to exit. You do not need a confirmation of the bottom indicator.

wise trader system mt5 buy signal

Example signal - Sell

Just like with signal to buy. You need to:

  • signal on the chart to Sell;
  • red color of the bottom indicator - trend filter;

wise trader system mt5 sell signal


wise trader system mt5 conclusion

The Wise Trader is the perfect solution for manual trading with its intuitive interface and accurate signals. It has a three-way alert function so you will never miss a new signal. Every trading signal is thoroughly checked.
Wise Trader also has a trading assistant that allows you to quickly open/close and track open trades. You can close, open and manage trades in one click.

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Wise Trader

Скачать трендовую систему Форекс Wise Trader для МТ5.
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